About Concrete Rings Series

Cement is one of the most common architectural material. In 2006, the founder who coincidentally observed exquisite polished concrete architecture in Japan, deeply realized that the materials are capable of producing various features, appearances and values by creative design. Back to home, the designers devised a series of rings inspired by architecture and urban life through the combination of cement and stainless steel. The main materials of the rings are cement and stainless steel. The concepts involved include many issues such as environment, texture, values, and human behavior.

What makes a ring truly valuable? The precious stone centered within? Or is it something else? An empty space, wittingly left by the designer, piques the curiosity and contemplation of the person wearing the ring.


The surface color of the concrete rings will alter as it is used and exposed to the elements.
Also, some collisions may cause the ring to crack.
Therefore, every concrete ring reflects habits of its owner.
It is unique everyday, even every moment.
Please enjoy its growth. (Please enjoy its change.)

Important Information:

1. Water contact is acceptable.
Appropriate moisture would increase the tension of the concrete ring.

2. Do not hit the concrete ring with a hammer.
Avoid the possibilities of its falling from a higher place.

3. This is a normal phenomenon that thermal expansion and contraction account for some cracks on the surface of the concrete ring.

4. Do not bite, lick, or swallow the concrete ring.
(Do not touch the concrete ring with mouth.)

Examples of the minor defects some rings may have: